As the Legend is told... Señor Salchicha, hungry from his long journey, searched for deli meat products that are rich and full of flavor. Not finding any... The Señor Salchicha products were created to supply the Mexican people with the highest quality deli meat product that money can buy!

There are no Deli products in any land that can compare to “Señor Salchicha!” in Quality and Flavor!

For the Love of Meat

It seems as though my love for high quality meats all started when I was 5 years old, when I used to be watched after kindergarten by my Grandmother, while my mother and father worked hard at their jobs to raise and support our family. I can still picture in my mind sitting down on her ancient all metal ladder stool, being amazed at all of the unbelievable yummy foods that she would make, especially the different meat products that she would prepare, and at just how much care and dedication she would put into each type of food that was made.

You see... my grandmother was truly a "Julia Child" before "Julia Child" ever was! Her lifelong love affair with food started with her childhood collection of over 14 boxes of old recipes that she had accumulated, some of which that dated back over 100 years. Some of these recipes originated from her roots in the "old country" Czechoslovakia, and neighboring countries, others from significant places back east like New York.

Watching my Grandmother make fresh Sausage, dry and semi dried Salumi of various types, and growing up in her presence, were major influences that definitely made my life what it is today. She was always very modest about her knowledge as a person who loved to be creative in the "kuchnia" (the Polish word for "Kitchen"). It was her home within a home, her sanctuary, if you will.

An additional contributing factor to what was already a culinary seed sprouting up in my life was when my father retired and purchased a 142 acre ranch behind the famous "Hearst Castle" in Monterey County, California. He had become weary after his successful life of 40+ years in the Graphic Arts and advertising business, but the work allowed him and my mother to purchase the ranch. There, his own dreams of becoming a farmer proved to be an exciting experience not only for him and my mother, but also for me.

I have many great memories of ranch life, from milking "Heidi" our Jersey milk cow, to Sausage making with my dad in the big barn kitchen. My dad always had an "Angus" or two, along with Venison and Lamb, aging on meat hooks in his large "walk in refrigerator" as well as at least one huge porker (Pig). Being a teenager at the time, I had to get used to the then gruesome image of animal carcasses hanging from the refrigerator ceiling and the image of what took place between the corrals and refrigerator (can you read between the lines?). However, my dad's hunger for "Meat" was a driving force, he was a MEATaholic, if you will. This was another major influence in my life. Helping him in the butchering and aging, at the time, was something that I figured I would never use later on in life.

After the death of my Grandmother, my father and mother inherited, among many things, those boxes of recipes that I mentioned before. I still remember my dad awake many nights, until the wee hours of the morning, reading with anticipation and excitement, weeding out the recipes that had anything to do with "Meat" from the desserts or others. When he was finished, he had what looked to be a fairly large stack of individual recipes of various types of meats... fresh Sausage, Hams, Bacon, Salumi, etc. As the months and years came and went, he managed to hone his own inbred skills at making yummy meaty goods, that his own mother and other family members had prepared many year of his life.

I remember him transforming a 3 door commercial glass door refrigerator into a good sized smoker, in which, to my amazement, he always had some type of meat product smoking, while following his own mother's recipes.

Both my father and mother, among their other responsibilities as "Gentleman Farmers", more than did their share in building up the ranch to quite an operation, compared to what it was when he purchased it back in 1979. The ranch included a 10,000 gallon storage water tank, very large multipurpose building containing a large fully equipped kitchen with walk in refrigerator and freezer, separate complete office room, large complete woodshop/workshop, 30,000 watt generator to power the entire ranch, a good mile of deer fencing throughout the property, always 150 head of Black Angus beef, 100 sheep, 30 pigs, 100 chicken, 10 wild turkey, 20 duck, deer and even many peacocks.

Naturally, he became quite the popular "Sausage man" himself in that neighborhood of other large ranches, always making up and experimenting with some new and different meat recipe. Really, at times, my dad and I were like mad scientists in his meaty laboratory with his new "Butcher Boy" meat band saw, and archaic looking Meat Grinder and Sausage stuffer, making or inventing some new yummy meat products! All the while, I was having the time of my life being on the ranch, making so many new friends of all the neighbors that came over just to see just what all that smoke (from the smoker) was about.

A little more than seven years ago, I met the beautiful woman who is now my wife "Luci" on the Internet on We married and I moved to the beautiful and extremely interesting country of Mexico. In the first years of my marriage with my wife, I worked for a rather large U.S. based construction company in the "Hazmat" and professional rejuvenation of damaged Foreclosures field, until the company was restructured and eventually failed. I found myself out of a job, and very soon needed to earn money for my own food and bills. Not knowing what to do in a foreign country, I began considering the idea of offering something that was very scarce, the creation of quality meat products.

One of the main reasons that I even considered doing this type of business was that I could not find any quality meat products, in several main and popular parts of this land, that could satisfy my craving for the yummy, meaty deli food items that I had consumed all my life. Everything that I found here was not really consumable, had unappetizing smells and flavors, and was of rather poor quality.

Still, those fond memories, as a child, sitting in my grandmother's kitchen, then later, as a teen, helping my father in his large ranch kitchen, planted a small seed long ago that had been growing larger and larger into my own desire for quality meat products from my own MEATaholism to what it is today.

So here I am with my beautiful Mexican wife, living in Mexico and offering over 65 different meat products and unheard of meaty pleasures to a wonderful Mexican culture, and to those who have never even tasted these products. There are so many who have mostly consumed tacos, menudo and carne asada their whole life that are really willing to try something new.

As I watch this culture wake up to new culinary flavors here in Mexico, it seems that many more are willing to try something new and exciting.

I am so amazed to see that almost all who try my products really like the new flavors and textures of these "unheard of meats" that my wife and I offer via Señor Salchicha.

With all of this new excitement of meaty pleasures, it is my hope that I continue to see more of Mexico on the culinary edge of creativity and the desire for the highest quality foods, ready and willing to try new and exciting foods.

Come and Satisfy your hunger with products from Señor Salchicha… Hungry!


Señor Salchicha
Made and sold only in Mexico

Me and dad making a salami a long time ago!
Photos of the ranch in the old days!
Dad camping on his own 140 acre ranch
My mom and dads house on the ranch
The barn had a large kitchen, walk-in fridge inside
Old and the New barn
Dad feeding some of the pregnant Cows
Black angus females lounging in the shade.
Bud the 2000 lb. Registered Black Angus Bull
Looking toward the east of the 142 acres.
10,000 gallon water tank filled with 125 gal/min.
Entrance to the Ranch
Hanging Beef Aging Tests - Tough meat to tender!
On its way to the walk in Fridge to Age!
Our Friends helping with the Butchering
Just one of our sheep with triplet babies
Always Ducks and Geese
Just some of our bee's
Heidi giving great fresh MILK!
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